Millat College Administration is committed to maintain peace and discipline in the campus. Cooperation from all concerned is sought for the purpose. it is Imperative to abide by the following rules and regulations failing which a suitable action will be taken irrespective of cast or creed.

  1. Students must enter the campus with their identity card as a proof to be the regular student. Anyone found without identity card may have to leave the campus
  2. Students must be regular in their classes. Minimun seventy five percent attendance is a must. Students not having the required percentage of attendance will not be allowed to appear at the examination at any cost.
  3. The admission of the students who remain absent without information for ten consecutive days will stand invalid and they will have to seek for readmission paying the requisite fee if he fails to show the medical reasons for absence
  4. Truant students who bunk their classes will be suitable punished
  5. Students are supposed to pass on their time either in the common room or in the library during the leisure. Anyone found unnecessarily loitering about in the campus will be brought to book
  6. Those found fighting or using abusive terms will be taken to task. They may be handed to the police without ant explanation,if need be
  7. Any dispute will be short out by the Redressal committee after written complain.
  8. Tobacco in forms is strictly prohibited in the campus. Anyone found guilty of that will be punished.
  9. One must abstain from intoxicating agents like drugs or liquor. Anyone found in an inebriated condition will be handed over to the police
  10. No one is supposed to enter the campus with weapon of any kind . Any one found carrying arms will have to face the legal consequences.
  11. Ragging of the juniors by the seniors students will not be tolerated upon. It is illegal and unlawful. The administration will take strict measures against those whose violate the norms of the campus by such offence
  12. Penal measures will be taken against those who consciously or unconsciously try to damage the property of the institution
  13. Outsiders who come for any academic purpose will have to seek appointment to meet the principal or any other administrative body.They will be requires to patiently wait for their turn.
  14. any student who brings the outsiders in the campus for destructive purpose will be punished and the outsider will be handed to the police.
  15. Mobile be put off during the lecture. its use in the campus should be restricted to only emergency calls
  16. Campus discipline is the common responsibility of the administration, teacher, employees and students. Let us put our hands together to sent an example in the campus