Education is a liberating force and in our age. It is also democratic force cutting across the barriers of caste and class smoothing our inequality imposed by birth and other circumstances.(Indira Gandhi)

Education is an all around development.It is drawing out the best in child and man’s body, mind and spirit. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Education deals with overall development of a person mentally and physically, socially and emotionally. It teaches one to distinguish between good and evil. It helps one to learn from one’s mistake. Education is empowerment of one’s mind that helps it to fight the evils of society.

Education is provided not only in schools, Colleges, university, but it can be inculcated within at any place and time. Education sharpens one’s mind, fills one with confidence and shapes one to fit in society.

21st century is dawned with global challenges in all spheres of life, particularly in traditional mode of education. Our approach to the challenges is to convert it into opportunities. Students, parents, teachers as well as social activists require to cope with the challenges. Millat college, Laheriasarai (Darbhanga) is all set to extend academic and other sort of help in its effort to make a better educated value laden society. In this pious mission, I request the Parents, Alumni, Staff & Students to join hands with us to fulfill our mission, vision & objectives. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. The future belongs to you; your need, therefore, is to prepare yourself for an active participation in the world. This participation demands that you become well informed and hence develop yourself like a pioneer and ultimately grow as responsible men and women.

Dr. Md. Rahmatullah

  About DR. Md. Rahmatullah
Name: Dr.Md. Rahmatullah
Date of Birth: January 04,1965
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Islam
Sex: Male
Caste: Momin(Annexure-I)
Designation: Principal
Mailing Address: Millat College,Darbhanga
L.N.Mithla University
Permanent Address: Dr. Md. Rahmatullah
s/o-Md. Yaub Ansari
At-Chhoti Quazipura
Contact Nos/Fax/Email: 06272-222926
Academic Qualification: M.Sc,Zoology(1st Class)
Ph.D.(Aquatic Limnology)
Area of Specialization: Iethoyology & fisheries
Teaching Experience: 19 yearss
As principal (Reader Grade)
Research Experience: 19 years
Ph.D. Produced: 01
Submitted: 02
Under Progress: 06
Research Publication: 14
Administrative & Other Experiences: (a)Principal,R.B.S. College,Andaur Samastipur-02 year
(b)Principal, Marwari College,darbhanga-03 year
(c)Principal Millat College,Darbhanga At Present
(d)Secretary, Young Teacher Association
L.N.M.U,Darbhanga,1994 to 2008
Acedemic Achievement:
P..D.E.S: P.G Diploma in Environmental Science
New Delhi in 1994 with Grade ‘A’ & Distinction
Orientation Course: 30th Orientation course 1997(24.12.1997 to 20.01.1998)
Sponsored by UGC Under Academic Staff College Muzaffarpur, B.R.A.B University,Bihar
Refresher Course: Refresher Course in Zoology 2002
(02.03.2002 to 22.03.2003)”Modern advancement
in the field of Zoology” Sponsored by UGC Under Acedemic Saff College,Muzaffarpur. B.R.A.B University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
  1. Attend Seminar “Fish Health & Management” Sponsored by UGC Under Department of Zoology(25.03.2001 to 27.03.2001) L.N.M.U , Darbhanga
  2. Attend National Seminar of “Sustainable Mangement Of wetlands in North Bihar” with special reference to makhana sponsored by Collaboration with the World Bnak and the Govt. of India at Laheriasarari,Darbhanga(21.07.2002 to 22.07.2002)
  3. Attend 2nd Biharvigyan Congress National Science day 26-28 Feb. organized by science & Technology IGSM Planetarium,Patna
  4. Attend National Seminar “The contribution of Mithila to India Philosophy of life” sponsored by UGC Under Department of History(9th,10th,11th july 2008) at Women’s College,Samastipur
    (L.N.Mithila University,Bihar)
  5. Attend Nation Workshop on Contribution and Relevance’s of Lev.D.(Landan Birth Centenary Year) sponsored by UGC at Jagdam College Chhapra(Nov. 20,21,2008) at J.p University,Bihar
paper Presentations:
  1. Productivity Potential of Fish. Presented in Seminar”Fish Health & Management” Sponsored by UGC under Department of Zoology.
    (25.03.2001 to 27.03.2001) L.N.M.U,Darbhanga,Bihar
  2. “Productivity of wetlands of Darbhanga” Present in National Seminar Sponsored by Collaboration with the world bank and the Govt. of India at Laheriasarai, Darbhanga(21.07.2002 to 22.07.2002)
  3. “Water Pollution a server problem” presented in 2nd science Congress Bihar(26th-28th Feb 2007)
  4. Studies of Physico-Chemical relationship of the fishes found in Bagmati river in Darbhanga District (Bihar) at women’s college, samastipur sponsored by UGC
  1. Estimation of Secondary Productivity of Aquatic insects of two ponds of Darbhanga Coluban J.life Science 1993 I(2),67,69
  2. Use of species diversity in the evaluation of water quality of two ponds Coluban J.life Science 1993 I(1),27,30
  3. A Comparative study of population kineties and seasonal fluctuation zooplankton in two diverse ponds of North Bihar. Nat. Envt. and poll. Tech Vol. 4 No-1 pp-23-26,2005
  4. Post and pretreatment Bioecological studies of Hospital waste fed urban ponds in relation of water pollution- Nat. Envt. and poll. Tech Vol. 4 No-1 pp-247-250,2005
  1. Modern Parasitology
    Axis Publication, ISBN-978-81-924740-4-5,2014
  2. UGC 12 Plan, Schemes & Guidelines